We have developed two flight programmes to help us achieve our objective and to be able to cater for the needs and differing abilities of all the children that are at the heart of our efforts.

Our main flight programme consists in the utilization of a light four seater airplane which is operated by qualified pilots to fly with children sitting in the co-pilot seat, who may also be accompanied by a parent or relative sitting in the  second row.

We also run a virtual reality flight programme through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (or as it is often referred to a ‘drone’) carrying an ultra high definition camera that connects remotely to VR goggles which give the wearer an immersive experience by creating the illusion of sitting in the cockpit of  the drone!

The VR Programme is intended mainly for those children who either for safety, health, mobility or other reasons they are unable to  fly physically inside our rented aircraft. However, this is a unique flying experience in its own right and it has proven to be very popular with all the children we had the pleasure to fly with!