YOU CAN HELP US!! We depend on donations from the general public to make this dream come true for these very special and grateful young people because although the pilots, trustee, council members and organizers are all volunteers, the charity still has to rent the aircraft and pay for fuel which is normally our biggest expense despite the subsidies which we receive from our Sponsor, the European Pilot Academy. Our VR programme without which we would not be able to reach some of our little aviators necessitates the occasional repairs, maintenance and upgrades to the VR equipment we make use of which is also very costly. We hope that with your generosity, no matter how big or small, we may continue flying and bring this extraordinary experience to even more children in the future.

Press DONATE NOW if you wish to make a donation via PAYPAL, or else you can donate by means of a direct transfer to our BANK ACCOUNT using either your telephone or internet banking service.