The executive council of the Trust is made up of a group of volunteers with extensive experience in their respective areas who are initially appointed by the terms of the trust deed and subsequently by means of an elective process.  The Council assists the Trustee in the management of the Trust and amongst its various functions it also provides a monitoring role. The Council oversees and appoints the trustee by majority vote whenever the office of trustee becomes vacant, and must also approve major decisions.


SARAH ZARB is the CEO of the Falcon Alliance Group. She set up the first entity under the ‘Falcon’ name  27 years ago, a business focused on providing telecommunications & security services to the hotel industry. In 2008 she combined her efforts to those of Capt Ray Zarb and became a director and CEO of the Falcon Alliance Group. She is also the managing director of Homi-ihost, a company offering outsourcing services to hotels. She is married with 3 children and her hobbies include reading and traveling.


ADRIAN MALLIA is the CEO of Brokersclub Ltd (BTFX), an FX online brokerage business and is also the Portfolio Manager for Standard Advisory Services Limited, an asset manager for International Insurance companies. Previously, Adrian was the Head of Wealth Solutions at Mediterranean Bank plc. Before this, he was employed with HSBC Bank in various roles within Wealth Management and Asset Management in Malta, and in the Fund Administration and Custody unit both in Luxembourg and in Malta. Adrian spent a number of years in senior management within the manufacturing sector and was a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta. He holds non-executive directorship and independent investment committee roles and is an active member of the Institute of Financial Services Committee in Malta. He attained an MSc in Banking and International Finance from City University Business School (CASS) in London and a BCom (Hons) in Banking and Finance from the University of Malta. He is married to Ann-Christin and they are parents to two children.

LISA SAMMUT is a senior officer in trade finance with Bank of Valletta plc. She started her professional career in banking way back in 1998 during which time she has garnered extensive knowledge in key financial areas including business and personal lending, electronic and retail banking, and customer relationship management. Besides her academic accomplishments in banking, Lisa completed a postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Sales in 2006. Lisa is also a fitness enthusiast and a qualified personal trainer who never loses an opportunity to pass on her extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition to others.

MARK MUSCAT is the President of the Independent Bankers Union and an Executive Premier manager with HSBC Bank Malta plc . Mark has been active within the financial services industry for the past 22 years. He had joined what was back then the Mid-Med Bank in 1995 and has occupied several roles mostly related with Retail Banking and Wealth Management. Throughout the years Mark occupied other positions within the Trade Union sector such as Chairperson of the HSBC Group Committee and Executive Council member of the Malta Union of Bank Employees, Council member of the Confederation of Malta Trade Union. His qualifications are mostly financial services related although he also possesses a post graduate diploma in taxation issued by the Malta Institute of Taxation of which he is also a member. Mark is currently reading for a law degree at the University of Malta which he describes as an invaluable experience which should enable him to tap into other exciting challenges. He is married with 2 children, loves summer and has a passion for fishing.

YANIKA TABONE  is a specialised early intervention tutor at the Inspire Foundation working with children suffering from autism. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Malta, and is presently reading a master programme in Gestalt psychotherapy. She is ambitious in pursuing her career in clinical psychology and aspires to become a psychotherapist. At this point in time she is focused on working with children with autism specifically to support their development, but also to help the parents’ manage their personal situation. Her lifelong dream is to make a difference in people’s life hence her choice of career path. She enjoys doing voluntary work in her free time and practicing her piano skills. Yanika likes being active and always cherishes the company of the people around her.