A group of volunteers with financial and aviation background came together to create a philanthropic trust fund with the sole purpose of giving life to the first Aviation Charity of its kind in Malta. The principal aim of the charity is to bring the experience of flight to children with differing abilities, or who are either sick or presently dealing with another form of disadvantage.

We work mainly with Participating Organisations to provide these special children with a unique and unforgettable experience in a general aviation aircraft or through the eyes of an unmanned aerial vehicle. Seeing life from the heavens, looking down, helps us be more aware of the incredible nature of our world, and we hope to give these children the chance to literally leave their worries on the ground and create a lasting memory of a wonderfully happy day!

The experience of flight is such an amazing and liberating experience that we hope it will instil in these children the courage to dare and think beyond their limitations. We strongly believe that the thrill and excitement of flying in the cockpit of a real airplane, or even when experienced through virtual reality equipment creating the illusion of flight, will give these children something extraordinary to look forward to, and by making possible something that in their eyes would normally appear impossible we also give them hope!

Portrait of young pilot with down syndrome in hangar.